Prizes for 5 winning articles: $300 USD (each)

The Editorial Board of Epistemé: Jurnal Pengembangan Ilmu Keislaman is pleased to announce the first annual competition for outstanding articles produced by young scholars. The competition is open to all young scholars, Indonesian or non-Indonesian, whose interests meet the scope of the Epistemé: Jurnal Pengembangan Ilmu Keislaman. Award-winning and scholarly sound submissions will be published as articles of the journal.

Each contribution is expected to be 6,000–8,000 and adopts the article format in accordance with the Epistemé: Jurnal Pengembangan Ilmu Keislaman style and format. Submissions have to be written in good academic English and should be sent as an e-mail attachment with the email subject header: EPIS_2020_compt+ author’s name, together with a brief CV, to, by 25 November 2020.

For further details, please check THE 1st EPISTEME-Young Scholars’ Article Competition | Epistemé: Jurnal Pengembangan Ilmu Keislaman

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